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while making a throat blowjob! We all cum on the floor at the same time pulling my wife's dicks out! We lay brazzers com in the dark for a while without speaking. We went to the shower each separately, I told my wife that I loved her

and kissed her. Drona was escorted to the plane in the morning! It was a wonderful evening, which my wife gave brazzers com me, everyone was happy, alcohol and a month of lack

of sex influenced me)). In the course of our life, that is, 9 years have passed since this story, we have never brazzers com returned to this! Because we love

each other! I am sure it does not change in my wife, since we realized that brazzers com we ourselves can soooo love each other that there is no longer a need for third parties! The weather was excellent - twenty-five degrees, a light breeze was blowing.

Waking up in an excellent mood, in the morning I began to prepare for graduation. Unable brazzers com to bear it, I immediately ran to try on my outfit, bought especially for this holiday: a red dress that barely covered my rounded buttocks, stockings

and black high-heeled shoes. I deliberately chose these clothes to attract the attention brazzers com of my classmates, because I wanted to be the center of attention today. Besides, red suits me so well! Friends have always envied my appearance -

a tall, slender figure, graceful long legs with moderately plump hips, a round ass brazzers com, elastic breasts of the third size and a sweet, as they always told me, face with plump lips, blue eyes and bright blond hair. So, I was getting ready and

suddenly realized that all my underwear was shining through from under the dress. At ten brazzers com o'clock in the morning, all the shops are usually closed, and it was very difficult to buy something. But there was one more option - the market.

Time was running out, so I put on makeup, and, without changing clothes, went in this form, hoping brazzers com to buy the missing elements of the outfit and immediately go to the prom. There was not a soul on the street, and therefore I quickly

and safely reached the clothing market, where I was going to buy underwear. Mostly men of brazzers com southern appearance worked here, most likely Tajiks and Azerbaijanis. The market was huge, and as for evil the store I needed was somewhere

near the opposite exit. I had absolutely no idea how not to get lost in such a vast territory and therefore brazzers com froze in place, not knowing what to do. Some young guy, seeing my confusion, gallantly offered me his help in finding what

I needed. Naturally, I did not refuse such a wonderful opportunity, and a gallant stranger pulled brazzers com me along, confidently winding along various stalls and stalls. Harsh male voices sounding in an incomprehensible language, as well

as the sounds of oriental music, were heard from everywhere. On the way, I more than once brazzers com noticed one or the other merchant distracted from all his affairs and looked after me, seeing off my seductively swaying ass and slender

legs pulled into stockings with eyes shining with lust. I, of course, was very pleased with such an brazzers com overt male attention to my body, but their decisive faces made me a little nervous. Noticing my condition, the guide, and his name was,

by the way, Tair, smiled disarmingly and said that everything was in order and you shouldn't pay brazzers com attention to them. My heart, for some reason, became immediately calmer. Finally we reached a lingerie store, and I went inside, and

Tair remained on the street, solving his affairs with a merchant who came up to him. After my brief brazzers com explanation, the saleswoman began to help me choose the right size and color of the underwear. Having picked a little, I settled

on a red narrow thong and a lace bra of the same color. The woman showed me with her brazzers com hand to the door leading to the fitting room, and said that there you can check if the chosen clothes fit me. I went to try on the linen, and

the saleswoman, shouting that she would go away for a minute behind the mirror, left the pavilion. Having dressed, I began to spin with pleasure, trying to examine myself from all sides without a mirror. I really liked what I saw,

because I began to look even more exciting than at home: the bra tightened my already high brazzers com breasts, and a narrow strip of panties protruded from under the dress. There was very little time left before the start of the holiday,

and there was still no saleswoman. Desperate, I went outside, hoping to find her there. The traders around immediately began to stare at me, either making sure that I did not steal anything while the mistress was not there, or

simply undressing my seductive figure with their carnivorous glances. Under their gaze, I felt brazzers com extremely uncomfortable and suddenly remembered that I had left all the money at home! At this time, the saleswoman had just

returned, and I tried to explain my situation to her, asking her to give me this linen on brazzers com credit. However, the saleswoman was adamant: she did not allow me to leave and return with the money tomorrow and demanded to return

the goods. This I could not afford, because the fate of the prom was at stake! Time passed brazzers com and I started to get nervous. The voice immediately began to tremble, and this was immediately noticed by the male traders who surrounded us.

Finally, she took pity and said that she could try to negotiate with the boss and pointed to the same Tair brazzers com. I went up to him and tearfully asked him to enter the position, sweetly clapping my eyes. The guy said: - Okay, let's go. We’ll

think of something now. - and smiled. He was a very handsome Caucasian, inspiring confidence. I followed brazzers com him into some back room with a bunch of salesmen and one security guard. The room was

very comfortable, with two sofas and a large table. Going inside and lounging on brazzers com the sofa, Tahir immediately went to

So what did you want there? - You see, I left the money at home and I am in a hurry! But brazzers com this purchase is vital to me! I'll pay you money tomorrow! Suddenly a bearded man of about thirty entered the conversation: - What did she want

to buy from us? The dark-haired Tair answered him: - Yes, some kind of underwear, maybe brazzers com we will forgive her and let it go, but what about the peasants? - he winked at the other 4 men in the back room. - It depends on what kind of

underwear she took. - the bearded man grimaced. - Well, please, - I said with sobs brazzers - I'm almost too late! Enter my position! Then I noticed that they were looking at each other meaningfully, furtively examining my luxurious figure. It

became clear to me that something terrible was about to happen. Tahir got up and approached brazzers me almost tightly, put his hand on the wall and whispered in my ear: - Do you ask to enter the position ?! Well, we’ll come in now! And all

four began to laugh like horses. - Come on, Abdul, look what kind of underwear our beauty brazzers chose. The bearded Abdul quickly walked up to me and abruptly pulled out a large folding knife! I shouted: - No! What are you doing! Don't

get close! I'm still quite small! - Wow! All the more interesting, I always dreamed of fucking brazzers a beautiful schoolgirl in all the cracks so that a huge pumped-up guard with a bald spot on his head turned on right up to screeching - where

are you in a hurry? To graduation party?! So that's great! We will prepare you now! And they laughed brazzers again. I was very scared, but did not know what to do! I tried to shout out loud "Help!", But Tair immediately closed my mouth

with his dirty palm, soiled in some kind of fuel oil, and with his other hand showed the fourth brazzers salesman to stand outside and make sure that no one came in! - Come on, baby, do not bother, Tair said. - Do us a pleasure, do not resist

and we will let you go. No one will even know about it. Or maybe we'll give you one more panties brazzers. Yes, Abdul? He nodded his head, smiling with a mouth full of gold teeth, and, suddenly slashing with a knife, cut the dress. I was

left in front of the rapists in only one ill-fated red lace underwear, which I had just chosen so carefully brazzers and my favorite stockings, emphasizing the length and slenderness of my legs. Tahir pulled me around the waist and held me

tightly to him. Ignoring the weak attempts to escape, he began to crush his chest rather roughly, sank brazzers down on his stomach, even lower, lingering on his buttocks. Without stopping at this, the guy painfully dug into my lips, getting

visible pleasure from this. - Well, shall we give the baby a little joy? - Said one of them, causing brazzers another burst of laughter. -And the ass of the blonde is nothing so elastic, and pulls to get to know each other better - Tair again

took up the ass, - and the legs are lovely for the eyes: long, slender, just candy! “Let me go,” I asked brazzers plaintively. - And now let's let it go. In a circle. - They just laughed in response. Ugly Abdul and a huge bald jock (as I understood

later, his name was Zhora) immediately came closer. I began to cry and beg for mercy, but this did not make brazzers the slightest impression on them. Tahir, meanwhile, was busily freeing my body from everything that, in his opinion,

was superfluous on it. With a sharp movement, he tore off the panties from his thighs, leaving brazzers no more room for imagination, but he had to tinker with the fasteners of the bra that tightened the chest. But finally, this piece of clothing

flew to the side, presenting for all to see the beautiful, young, elastic girl's breast, not covered by brazzers anything. Now I stood in front of them only in fishnet stockings and heels. Before I could blink an eye, the men were already standing

with their pants down, intensively massaging their organs in their hands. - Well, let's try in an brazzers interesting way? One is exploring this wonderful ass, the second will treat her mouth, and the third will she help with her hand? -

suggested one. - Yes Yes. Let's hurry up. The other responded hastily. I tried to escape, fighting brazzers off with my feet (since Tair had already clamped my hands), but this only aroused the rapists even more, and the bald one backhand

hit me in the face! - Please, just not in the ass. I'm still little, I can't stand it! You will tear me up brazzers com! ”I whimpered. - So there was nothing then to dress like that and wander around the city, wagging their cute, mouth-watering buns.

For this you will be punished. Begin. - At least use condoms. - I asked them pitifully. - Are you afraid brazzers com to pick up something? - the traders burst out laughing. - Yes, I'm afraid. - You will survive somehow. I screamed with doom and

powerlessness and immediately received a blow in the stomach and, almost suffocating, doubled brazzers com over. Tair immediately took advantage of a comfortable position and pushed me with his chest on the sofa. After the fall, my ass

was in a raised position, the buttocks parted in different directions, and all the splendor brazzers com of my delicious, juicy girlish ass appeared in front of the men. "She's a whole lot! What a gift!" I will be the first with such a young, fresh baby. ”

Tahir cried. Feeling like a hard member rested against my ass, I instinctively twitched, and the anus brazzers com clenched convulsively. - Do not! - I begged. - I will be hurt! Please, I will suck you off

Just don't do that .... aaaaa. Stretching my buttocks with his hairy paws in different brazzers com directions, Tair put the head of his penis to the wrinkled ring of my anus and, pressing hard, leaned forward. The member slowly sank into my tight,

girlish anus, and I began to breathe intermittently and quickly, trying to cope brazzers com with the unbearable pain. But the guy didn't give a damn about it. Finally, the member plunged into the anus to the base. It was very crowded there.

From wild pain already darkened in the eyes. Twitching on my penis like a butterfly brazzers com on a pin, I only made myself worse. And he burst out laughing and only accelerated his pace, continuing to move rhythmically, holding on to his

buttocks and not paying attention to desperate cries and moans. Its shaggy, heavy eggs brazzers com beat against the elastic white halves with light pops. Meanwhile, Abdul placed himself right in front of my face, forcibly opened my mouth and,

inserting his penis there, began to fuck him in a sweeping manner. I doomedly tried brazzers com to clasp his lips, but this venture failed, because he, clasping the back of my head with both hands, tried to push the penis down the throat,

causing a gag reflex. His movements became more frequent, I choked on a huge member brazzers com and therefore tried to push him away, but Abdul liked it even more. Zhora also reminded of himself, forcing me to grab his huge tense

member with a gentle palm and make measured movements up and down. For several brazzers com minutes from the room came only the bestial rushing of the males who had taken possession of the first-class female, the doomed groans

of the victim and the squelching sounds made in the process of pleasure. Abdul was the first to brazzers com break down, pressing my head to the very groin and emitting a victorious cry, he began to pour out into my throat, forcing me to haste

to swallow and not giving any way to avoid it. The flow of sperm was so great that at one point brazzers com the prospect of choking did not seem so unlikely to me. When he finished erupting, he let go of my head, wiped my penis on my face

and walked away from the couch. Coughing convulsively, I tried to come to my senses, and all brazzers com that sperm that could not be swallowed flowed down from the lips to the chest in a small waterfall, dripping down onto the sofa and

forming small puddles there. Finding such a picture very spicy, Abdul took out his mobile phone brazzers com and took a couple of photographs of my face, which was finished off and twisted in pain. Tahir followed him to the finish line. He sharply

accelerated the pace, his cock swelled even more, becoming just huge and causing unbearable brazzers com pain in my ass. With a wheeze, the guy began to discharge into my rectum. Having poured out everything without a trace, he painfully

pinched my buttock and also stepped aside, taking out a cigarette. The bald bully, unlike his brazzers com comrades, took much longer. Tired of being content with just his hand, he grabbed me under the ass and rolled me onto my back. Pulling off

my shoes, he put my small, neat feet, covered in nylon, on his penis and, controlling the amplitude brazzers com with both hands, began to caress his dick with them. But finally, he could not stand it and, accelerating the pace, shot at me with

a whitish liquid, filling all the legs, hair and face. For a few moments a silence settled in the room, broken brazzers com only by heavy breathing: mine - from pain, theirs - from pleasure. The anus burned with fire, the whole body ached,

the stockings tightly fitting my graceful legs were wet through and through from the lubricant brazzers com released from the penis, which they had brought to ecstasy a minute ago, and now they squelched disgustingly every time they touched

something hard. The whole face, chest, legs and bottom, from which the white liquid was brazzers com still oozing, were covered with a thick mass, which gradually dried out and turned into a crust. I thought sadly that this day, which at first

seemed so promising, turned out to be the worst of my life, and like a somnambulist, picking brazzers com up the remnants of my luxurious dress, I trudged to the exit. Before I had time to take a couple of steps, I was stopped by Tair's sharp

cry: - Well, stand still! Where did I soap myself, whore, I haven't finished with you brazzers com yet. You have something else that no longer belongs to you. I stared at him blankly. - Your virgin pussy, silly. - the huckster grinned. I groaned,

realizing that my torment for today is not over yet and that it is useless to resist. - Come brazzers com here, slut. - Tair patted invitingly on the sofa. Fixing a hateful glance at him, I walked slowly over. Roughly grabbing my hair, he threw me on

the sofa again, showing my juicy, young and, more importantly, in this situation, virgin brazzers com pussy to everyone present. Slightly moving his penis along the genitals, he abruptly, without warning, burst into my narrow, undeveloped vagina,

breaking the hymen, and, having penetrated immediately to the entire length of his penis, rested brazzers com against the uterus. I screamed at the wild pain that pierced my lower abdomen. Zhora immediately took advantage of my open mouth,

stabbing me in the tonsils. He immediately began to rhythmically fuck my mouth, and when he was brazzers com tired, he made me put my head on his penis on my own, caressing the crimson head with a nimble

tongue and, taking it by the cheek, gently suck. Hands, meanwhile, were also in business brazzers com. I had to gently squeeze and stroke his scrotum, gently massaging the testicles swollen with sperm with long thin fingers. A couple of

minutes of intense work of my mouth and hands was enough for him to snarl brazzers com with pleasure again to expel a powerful stream from himself. I hummed loudly, licking and swallowing the hot, viscous semen of the bald jock. In the

meantime, Abdul, going up to the sofa, began to play with my boobs: having brazzers com squeezed them freely, he began to pull and twist the nipples, making me squeal from unpleasant sensations, and then took the place of the finished

Zhora. After a couple of minutes of hard swotting, Abdul and Tair finished inside me brazzers com from both sides. Coughing and spitting, I was horrified to feel the warm, hot liquid filling my pussy. Roaring from the realization of what had

happened, I sank to the floor exhausted. -Well, baby, did you like it? Do you understand brazzers com now what real men are? You will brag to your friends later. ”Tahir grinned. “Die, bastard!” I sobbed and covered my face with my palms,

trying to isolate myself from everything that was happening. Suddenly they lifted me into brazzers com the air, and with doom I felt how someone's cock again began to penetrate with difficulty into my long-suffering, burning and

sore ass. Above, another man began to settle in. Throwing my hanging legs over his shoulders, he brazzers com tried to penetrate my vagina. I yelled in protest, but the rapists didn't give a damn - they decided to get the most out of their

pleasure. After a little fiddling and getting comfortable, the guys finally got inside and began brazzers com to make slow, synchronized movements. I felt how their members rub against each other through the partition inside. My

screams only inflamed them and, despite the sobbing and pleading, gradually increasing brazzers com the pace, they began to hammer me in two dicks with such a speed that I fainted from the pain. I woke up only when the guys

decided to change their position. Turning me a little, they continued intercourse, already brazzers com penetrating much deeper and forcing my uterus to almost tear under such a frenzied pressure. But their endurance was also limited.

And now two members, simultaneously swelling and causing me even more unbearable pain, fed brazzers com my holes with another stream of semen. Throwing me on the floor, like a used thing, they silently began to dress, indifferently

watching as two streams of sperm flowed from my ass and pussy, mixing up my thighs and brazzers com legs. The third rapist, who had not taken part in the general fun for a long time, came up to my prone body and, with a disgusting

grin, began to urinate on my face. Crying with pain in my body and colossal humiliation, I brazzers com spat out the yellow liquid that flooded my eyes, penetrating into my mouth. I cried even harder, now imagining myself from the outside:

Sperm mixed with a small amount of blood flowed from the stretched anus of a young, beautiful girl, the brazzers com stockings were soaked through with semen in the area of \ u200b \ u200bthe feet. In the area of the vagina, it was also

sticky and wet from the not yet dried sperm. The butt was still aching and burning with fire. Drops brazzers com of liquid glittered on the face, the hair turned into a wet, sticky lump Then Tahir came up to me and said, throwing me a

set of the same as the "successfully purchased by me today" underwear: "Here! Earn it, slut! By the way brazzers com, what's your name?" - Alice. - I moaned, trying to wipe my face from all the filth that had accumulated on it. -

Well, thanks for your purchase, Alice. Come to us again! Try not to be late for your prom! - the damned brazzers com hucksters whinnied again with their annoying laughter and left. It took a long time before I was able to at least partially

recover and start thinking soberly. The rest of the day, tormented and exhausted, hiding, I made my way through the city, winding brazzers com through the back streets and courtyards. I got home only in the morning, exhaustedly falling into the apartment and collapsing into a saving oblivion.

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